Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Twenty-Five Things That Made Genesee County Famous

Genesee County, New York is a region rich with local history, folklore and people. Events, people, and locally made products from Genesee County are known world wide. For this online exhibit, a panel of 15 people spent six months sifting through 100s of things know world wide. It was the panel's job to come up with a list of 25 things that made Genesee County famous. Every week, until November 28, 2008 the Holland Land Office Museum will release another item.

25. The New York State Thruway
24. John Kennedy
23. Kutter's Cheese Factory
22. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
21. Elba Mucklands
20. The Hiscock Site
19. Genesee Community College
18. Edward Newton Rowell
17. Eddie York
16. Massey - Harris / Batavia Industrial Center
15. Fellows v. Blacksmith / !857 Treaty with the Seneca, Tonawanda Band
14. Charles Rand
13. Pembroke Driver's Ed Accident
12. Darien Lake Theme Park
11. Ely Samuel Parker
10. Dean Richmond
9. Batavia Muckdogs
8. Batavia Downs
7. Terry Anderson
6. John Gardner
5. Emory Upton
4. Holland Land Company
3. The Disappearance of William Morgan
2. Barber B. Conable, Jr.
1. Jell-O

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